Grumete silver bracelet

品 牌: Cavas jewelry

型 号: Buy in Italy - 意大利仓库

积 分: 300

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销售价: 356.00€
可使用积分: 400

Grumete gold rose plated silver bracelet

Cuff links gourmette in gold rose plated silver bracelet chain empty silver, the classic 'grumettone' plated rose gold, the immortal by definition, the bracelet yesterday today and tomorrow, timeless, always beautiful, you can wear with all kinds of clothing, in this proposal we plated yellow gold.  The size of the bracelet is 20,5 cm but for its size reduced by wearing of 1.50 cm and then  right wrist 17-18 cm Dimensions: 15.00 mm wide  thickness 5.00 mm


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