Taburno DOP Aglianico - Taburno 2009 - Torre del Pagus - Italy

品 牌: Torre del Pagus

型 号: Italy warehouse - 意大利仓库

积 分: 100

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可使用积分: 400

A powerful wine expressing the features of its vine; for this reason, it belongs to those types of wine which are getting rarer. A deep ruby red colour with purple hues, it has intense fruity aromas, with spicy and toasty notes. Elegant and soft, it has a surprising finish, with pleasing hints of ripe fruit; a remarkable structure suitable for long storage. It pairs very well with soups (meat soups as well), ham and sausages, white and red meat (roast, grilled or stewed), and semi-ripe cheeses.

alchool 14,5% - 750 ml contained



At the end of August, the grapes are carefully selected by hand. The best grape clusters obtained by this selection are allowed to ripen completely, and then they are picked at the beginning of November. After destemming, the berries undergo a process of fermentation in contact with their skins, for about 15 days, at a constant temperature. When the alcoholic and malolactic fermentation is over, the wine is aged in oak barrels (barriques) for about 12 months; after that, it is stored in steel vessels for a year, and then it is bottled without either filtration or the addition of fining agents (which explains the presence of some sediment in the bottle), for about 6 months before being marketed.




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