LINFA-AGE POWER Multi - 14 stick packs

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Multivitamin and multimineral supplement useful in case of unbalanced diet caused by bad habits due to lack of time and stress. With a fruity and cream flavour, it's enjoyed even by children.

According to latest Nutritional Research LINFA-AGE POWER MULTI is specially formulated with key nutrients to help meet people nutritional needs. The formulation has been studied to supply energy an improve the natural body defences. It is based on a Vitamin and Mineral Salts cocktail and packed in a practical single dose stick-pack. The mini drink promotes the nutrition process, the growth and vitality of all tissues. Helpful to integrate an unbalanced diet caused by bad habits, rush, disorders and stress, it’s a support to improve our natural defences protecting ourselves from flu status, psychophysical tiredness, pollution and smoke. With a bio-flavonoids, vitamins and the nutrients of Acerola, Spinach, Cress and Alfa Alfa, Linfa-age Power MULTI is really helpful in toning and regenerating our body.


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