LINFA-AGE POWER Senior - 10 vials

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Dietary supplement useful in case of loss of appetite and convalescence is indicated for those who need to remain active and focussed, for those who are subjected to psychological and physical stress, and for those who practise a sport to promote rapid recovery after mental and physical activity. It is also indicated for the elderly.

LINFA AGE POWER SENIOR vials have a broad spectrum of nutrients specifically developed to protect the health of 50+ adults. It’s ideal when your body needs to preserve energy and it’s particularly indicated for stressed, overworked and immunosuppressive people who need a rapid recovery after a mental and physical activity. This dietary supplement is formulated with Ginseng extract, Arginine aspartate and Taurine, ready to be absorbed and useful for the metabolic-eutrophic processes stimulation. In synergy with these nutrients, Lycopene, Zeaxanthin and Elderberry extract, excellent free radical scavengers, it improves the psychophysical performances. The formulation contains Glycerylphosphorylcholine helpful to counteract “memory leaks” and mental tiredness.


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