SUPER DREN Night-Time Concentrate Vials - 14 vials 5 ml

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"High-impact" treatment with thermogenic action and a draining effect that reduces adipose deposits, in vials, based on Redux GC bio-complex in association with caffeine, citrus aurantium and ginko biloba extracts.

“High-impact” multi-action concentrate in phials with a base of active vegetable ingredients. When applied in the evening, it helps to drain and reduce fat deposits. During the night time hours, the permeability of the skin’s barrier increases, consequently improving the skin’s ability to absorb functional substances. Thanks to the action of the Redux GC® plant bio-complex in association with a natural Apple phytoextract, it improves the dull appearance of “orange-peel” skin, improving the tone and compactness of tissues and promoting microcirculation. The active ingredients contained in Citrus aurantium extract perform a selective thermogenic action to improve the body’s fat-lean ratio. This concentrate is easy to apply and absorbs quickly thanks to the use of a polysaccharide molecule, proven to be fundamental in formulating a compact and ideal texture. Produces an immediate, long-lasting effect by creating a “water capture” film on the skin’s surface.


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