SUPER DREN Cellulite Cream AHAS - Container 250 ml pot

品 牌: Bottega di Lunga Vita

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Treatment based on the exclusive Redux GC plant bio-complex which can drain deep down, reshaping the silhoutte, in association with alphahydroxy acids, caffeine, phloridzin, bladderwrack and centella.

This innovative formula combines the draining and lipolytic properties of its natural components with the exfoliating action of alpha hydroxy acids that allow a better absorption of the slimming active ingredients. Superdren® cellulite cream is a treatment based on a cellular action combined into three phases: the release of accumulated fats, the drainage of tissues and the purification of the body. Its effectiveness is due to the exclusive plant bio-complex Redux GC®, which can dissolve fats and drain deep down, reshaping the silhouette, in association with a natural phytoextract of apple standardized in phloridzin, which visibly improves the appearance of “mattress phenomenon” and contrasts the stagnation of liquids. The disinfiltrating phytocomplex improves its draining and lipolytic action. Thanks to its easy-to-massage, non-greasy texture, this cream glides on smoothly for a long lasting, effective massage.


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