Ossocollo Valligiano - 1 piece x Kg. 3

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Special consideration should be given to Ossocollo Valligiano by Verza Salumi in the “Valligiana Line”. The salting process of the pork neck is very important: the meat is salted in a churn for a few days to ensure that the salt is absorbed evenly and then left to stand for a period of time in brine. The filling process, a very delicate procedure, is performed by expert hands. This is a very artigianal product, the pork neck is filled by hand and in a second time we fill around the pork neck our Sopressa Valligiana paste. The average diameter of the product is about 105 mm.

This product of the Valligiana line is considered to be a product for connoisseurs as the production of this salami requires a higher level of dexterity. The pork neck is carefully boned and trimmed to obtain a uniform piece of meat ready for casing. Salted and massaged by hand every day for 10/11 days to enable the meat to absorb the salt correctly and evenly, the meat is left to stand with its specific blend of spices and herbs for a further 10/11 days. The casing process involves two stages: firstly, the pork neck is inserted into the casing by hand and then the mixture of our Sopressa Valligiana is added. These two operations are performed with the utmost care by expert hands to avoid possible infiltrations of air which could impair the flavour and the quality. The combination of these two products, which differ in type and in consistency, leads, after a lengthy maturing process, to a salami with very particular characteristics: a sweet note followed by a mixture of sophisticated flavours, fragrances and tastes for true connoisseurs. If the Ossocollo Valligiano matures for more than 8 months, it acquires exceptional characteristics, all the flavours undergo an evolution, the natural sweetness of the product is accentuated, while the moulds provide the fragrances typical of salamis matured in the cellar. The product is more compact and this allows the Ossocollo Valligiano to be very thinly sliced. It tends to melt in the mouth releasing all its complex, multifaceted flavours. The Ossocollo Valligiano by Verza Salumi is made only with 100% heavy Italian pigs and it is without: sugar, gluten, allergens, polyphosphate, milk protein and its derivatives. This product has a minimum processing time of 100 days and during this period it has a middle weight loss of about 30%, so we need more than 4 kg. of fresh meat in order to have a finish product around 3 kg. Today Verza Salumi is one of the few remaining company to produce cured meat product without adding sugar and this is a pride for us. What does it means using sugar? First of all, sugars are an accelerators of the seasoning time. Sugars allow the products to remain compact during the cutting also with a short processing time, otherwise without sugar the slice crumble, the final result is an elastic meat dough. This method (adding sugars) is used to have products ready to eat in a short time and have, in this way, a lower loss of weight on the products but the products are not really at the end of their seasoning time. Our long traditional seasoning helps the products to develop natural aromas and flavours that otherwise they couldn’t have. Moreover with sugars you can also use meat with a low content of proteins like frozen meat or refuse of meat, in this case the sugars help to unite the meat dough. For our products we use simple ingredients: first quality fresh meat, natural spices and herbs, 50 years of experience and the help of the weather of our valley.


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