925 silver heart ring with diamond worked over

品 牌: Cavas jewelry

型 号: Buy in Italy - 意大利仓库

积 分: 300

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销售价: 78.00€
可使用积分: 400

925 silver heart ring with diamond worked over

Large ring, vacuum within Milliman, made of silver 925/1000. heart-shaped ring with yellow gold plating rifrinito with satin with diamond. This yellow and white effect of 'ring with diamantura and polishing center makes it very sophisticated and similar to a jewel of various carat seems a diamond heart. the ring sizes are not small, the shank is 10 mm wide, above the finger we 14,00 mm and its width in the major point is 14,00 mm. A double inner ring allows the possibility to obtain the adjustment of the measures from 12 to 22


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