Falanghina Taburno - Insomnia Barrique 2009 - Torre del Pagus - Italy

品 牌: Torre del Pagus

型 号: Italy warehouse - 意大利仓库

积 分: 100

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销售价: 25.50€
可使用积分: 400

A wonderful taste for a special wine. Three years in oak barrique.

Last bottles from year 2009 - Production zone: Italy - South Campania.

Harvested and bottled from the producer in Paupisi near Benevento, it's a high quality wine.

Fantastic fragrances and aromas, for your fish based dishes it's a spectacular companion.

alchool 15% - 750 ml contained



This wine is made from the vinification of the best Falanghina grapes, whose clusters are carefully selected in the vineyards; it represents the production philosophy of "Torre del Pagus", which aims at success and innovation, though respecting old local techniques and enhancing the features of the area, which is largely devoted to the production of complex and long-lived wines.



"Insomnia" is a robust wine whose character is unique, and which is at its best a few year after the harvest.

A wine for special occasions.


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