BARBERA D'ASTI ANTICA 2013 -DOCG 750 ml. (13% vol.)

品 牌: Fratelli Pavia

型 号: Italy warehouse - 意大利仓库

积 分: 100

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DOCG  13,5% aged 6 months in oak barrels

Production area: vineyards DOC of Agliano Terme Grapes variety : Barbera 100% Yield per hectare : 9 tons Vintage : by hand with grapes selection

Wine production: soft treading, fermentation for approx. 5/6 days, to which follows “arcaplà”, i.e. an old Piedmontese technique of wine production, consisting in putting on the just fermented must some grapes of very superior quality, thus giving the wine a particular fine fragrance and a very soft elegance.
Maturation: In spring the clean wine is put in oak barrels where it stays until September when it is bottled.
Organoleptic features: ruby red colour, elegant fragrance with soft fruit hints; medium-bodied, very clean at the end with a slight aftertaste of smoked wood.
Keeping way: laying bottle
To serve at: 18/20°C
It is suggested: with various kinds of cold pork meat, ravioli, roasted and boiled meats, mature cheese.
Advised glass: tulip
Ageing: being a great red wine, it needs an average ageing of 3/5 years.


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