BIOCLARINE Delicate Cleansing Foam For Sensitive Face Skin

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Cleansing soft mousse suitable for the daily face care with Cornflower Water, Orange Honey and Pomegranate oil. The best cleansing solution for a fresh and natural face care.

Thanks to a special ecological gas free dispenser, this no-gas foam gently cleanses your face respecting the skin physiology. It combines a gentle daily cleansing with an emollient, moisturizing and protective action. Based on certified organic emulsifiers, it preserves the skin barrier without reducing its lipidic components. The BIOCLARINE FOAM is made of Cornflower Water with refreshing and soothing properties, Orange Honey with protective and moisturizing action, Pomegranate Oil with antioxidant and soothing activity. Purity and dermal respect are the key words of this new BIOCLARINE DELICATE CLEANSING FOAM. It is a gentle formulation, with few ingredients all 100% natural and highly pure. It’s the best cleansing solution for sensitive, intolerant and delicate skin, for all ages, because skin sensitivity has no age.


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