Transparent Lipsticks – Lip glosses - 4,5 ml

品 牌: Bottega di Lunga Vita

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A cross between a lipstick and a lip gloss but longer lasting. If lips are chapped, apply a lip balm before this clear lipstick. Blot lips with tissue paper and powder. For a natural effect, apply the lip gloss to the centre of the lips, or contour the lips with a pencil in tone and apply lip gloss to the inner lips.

A lipstick and a lip gloss all in one. If lips are not perfectly soft, use a lip balm or treatment cream before applying colour on the lips. Pat with a tissue or dab with loose powder for even longer-lasting colour. Line the contour of the lips with a pencil and apply the lipstick inside the line to avoid smudges. Available in different colours: 20NL PEACH LIPSTICK 20NN TAMARIND LIPSTICK 20NO BLUEBERRY LIPSTICK 20NP PAPAYA LIPSTICK


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