QUASI ZERO DEPURA Myrtus - 14 stick packs

品 牌: Bottega di Lunga Vita

型 号: Italy warehouse - 意大利仓库

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A minidrink containing phytotherapeutic extracts, with draining and purifying effect and a pleasant flavour of Myrtus. It counters water retention and swelling, it controls the digestive response and good intestinal transit. Useful in presence of stresses and strains of everyday life.

Our body is a flow system made up of an "incoming flow" for producing energy, which includes the food we eat and the air we breathe, and an "outgoing flow", made up of the waste from all areas of our body. After a couple of months f depuration program with SUPERDREN DEPURA stick pack almost ZERO kcal, our body releases toxins more easily, deflates and reshapes itself. Almost ZERO kcal is a dietary supplement that reduces the calories daily intake thanks to its innovative formula with a low glycemic index and no added sugars (sucrose, fructose). A ready single dose of SUPERDREN DEPURA combines its highly titles diuretics, purifying and phitoterapics extracts with the intestine's rebalancing action of Litesse, a polydextrose, well tolerated, soluble, vegetal fibres. In addition the Mediterranean Myrtle leaves extract improves the general eupeptic functionality. With a Myrtle taste, Almost Zero kcal is a really effective and enjoyable mini drink, excellent against fluid retention and bloating, useful to modulate the digestive response and the good intestinal transit by everyday life's attacks and stress.


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