SUPER DREN Anti-Water Criogel - Container 200 ml tube

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Gel treatment, fast absorption with an ice effect based on Redux GC® bio-complex with theobroma cacao, caffeine and escin, centella and butcher's broom extracts.

A day treatment in gel form, rapidly absorbed with an ice effect, that efficiently contrasts water retention and promotes a wonderful feeling of freshness and wellbeing. It improves the dull look of “orange peel” skin, stimulating the adipose cells to burn stored fats by the combined action of the plant lipolytic bio-complex Redux GC® together with Theobroma cacao, Caffeine and Apple extract. Cryogel is the perfect treatment for sensitive skin with capillary fragility formulated to fight the imperfections of cellulite and to increase vasoconstriction thereby facilitating water drainage. The skin appears smooth, toned and firm. The extracts of the disinfiltrating phytocomplex, with a base of Escin, Centella and Butcher’s Broom, improve the tone of the capillary walls and help to reduce capillary fragility. Thanks to its special formula enriched with menthol, Cryogel not only provides an immediate feeling of freshness, it also stimulates microcirculation.


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