VITA-AGE AURUM Cleansing Solution - Container 250 ml bottle

品 牌: Bottega di Lunga Vita

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Innovative micellar solution which cleans and removes make-up in one-step, with moisturizing and purifying action.

Suitable for all skin types, including the most sensitive and reactive ones, this innovative micellar solution cleanses and removes make-up thoroughly from face, eyes and lips. It ensures immediately moisturized and soothed skin and an ultra-gentle detoxifying and purifying action. Moreover it guarantees excellent cutaneous and ocular tolerance in removing water-resistant make-up, dust and air pollution. Micelles are molecular clusters that gently cleanse and attract both water soluble particles (cosmetics, pollutants) than fatty substances (sebum, silicones, oils). Lungavita MICELLAR WATER is the ideal solution for removing make-up at the end of the day and for cleansing the face in the morning. The ease of use makes it a “must –have” for sporting women who don’t like the creamy effect of cleansing milk and prefer a practical cleansing routine. This speciality is an essential item while travelling and it may be used in place of cleansing milk, make-up remover and toner.


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