VITA-AGE AURUM Hyaluronic Concentrate Vials - Container 7 vials 2,5 ml

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Moisturizing treatment in vials a highly bioavailable containing mix of low and medium molecular weights of hyalurionic acid.

The VITA-AGE AURUM®HYALURONIC treatment in vials contains a cocktail of Hyaluronic acid in three highly bioavailable forms: sodium hyaluronate with medium molecular weight (mw), sodium hyaluronate with low molecular weight (lw) condensed on silicon derivates and sodium hyaluronate bioengineered into microspheres with low and medium molecular weight (lw and mw). The lw ball-shaped forms of sodium hyaluronate penetrate deep down, retain water, become dilated and push wrinkles upwards, smoothing the skin and increasing turgidity, while the high molecular weight linear forms create a film on the skin that ensures long -lasting water retention on the surface. Together with plant ceramides, extracts from the stem cells of L. alpinum and a molecular network of vegetal fucose, cyclodextrin and heteropolysaccharides selected on the basis of their ability to retain water and vitamin cofactors, VITA-AGE ®HYALURONIC TREATMENT performs a complete action in supporting the dermal scaffold by enhancing tissue bionutrition.


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