LINFA-AGE POWER Junior - 10 vials

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Dietary supplement useful for boosting childrens during phases of growth and developement. Indicated when the body is sujected to adaptational stresses, for exemple during periods of weakness and lack of appetite, changes of season, concentration strain.

LINFA AGE POWER JUNIOR for kids is a tasty and relevant source of calories, ideal in case of tiredness, lack of appetite, concentration deficiency and weakness during the seasonal changes. Useful when our children require a rapid energy boost. It contains Honey, Royal Jelly, Iron, Vitamin B group and Lactoferrin, in synergy with eleutherococcus, acerola and black currant, in order to increase the body adaptive response to the psychophysical problems and improve the efforts resistance. With phosphoserine in order to support memory and concentration in leisure time or when school commitment requires more attention (test, examination). It’s a delicious energy boost with a delicious red fruits taste.


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