Victiorian Corset Black Memories 01

品 牌: Anna Carnovale

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Black Memories 01 Victorian Corset era 1880 Close at the front. Steel Boned. Tight at the back with black Ribbon. Fabrics: Black Damask silk and Gold Brocade silk Decoration: 2 layers of Black Laces and Black Trimming in every sewing line Decorative Venetian Stone to make this Corset a Unique one

Anna Carnovale, Italian designer based in lake Como, Italy. I do design and make Fine Corsets, Period and Bridal Dresses. I moved to London in 1997, where I graduated in Design and in Theatrical Costume Design. Committed to create a Wearable and Confortable Corsetry that can give you a Touch of Class and Sensuality in any occasion.. Easy to wear with jeans for a trendy way, with our beautiful Skirts, for Cerimonials, Bridal, simply under the jacket in the office or party time in the evening.. The Corset used to be our bra in the 16, 17, 18 Century, if it is designed and cut in a proper way, it will hold and sustain the breast in an elegant way, without being vulgar. I do use 3 layers of fabrics to contain the steel bones and make it last for long time. Most people will only be familiar with the high street equivalent, the bustier. If you've ever worn one of these, you'll have noticed that the plastic boning bends and distorts every time you sit, or breaks into your ribs. I do create in all kind of sizes but I am specialized in Made to Measure, having a long experience in Costume Design and a great use of Period Pattern, I can realized Your personal Corset, Dress, ecc.. Just for You, cut for your Unique shape ,without meeting you personally. My Steel boned Corsets are really quite different, I am passionate about Quality Textile made here in Lake Como, Ribbons and Laces and any kind of Creativity with quality.


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