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the best honey in the world

Anzer honey has a high content of vitamin C, 25.44 mg/g, while other honeys range from 0.5 to 6.5 mg / 100 g honey. But this is not the highest content ov Vit C found in a honey . For example Chesnut (Castanea sativa) honey has 31 to 89 mg per 10 g. Anzer honey is also known as very high in iron, as it was tested in this study. It showed that the mineral content in Anzer honey, like in all the other 29 studied honey, was highly variable and depended on the geographical and botanical origin. The detected minerals were: Na, K, Ca, Fe, Cu, Zn and Mn. Health benefits of Anzer honey: Turks say the Anzer honey is an incredible honey, claim to be able to do the following: · Treats farangitis, tonsilitis, ulceration · Disappears stomach ache and painanzer honey aka anzer bali · Closes operation wound earlier · Destroy arteriosclerosis and vein hardness · Treats cancer illness in early diagnosis · Improves mouth wound · Disappears broken skins · Increases sexual power · Improves lungs illness · Destroys tonsil infection · Disappears intestine infection · Support growing · Improves brain illness and paralysis · Becomes easy digestion · Gives power to memory · Stops diarrhea · Whets the appetite · Disappears constipation · Improves cardiac insufficiency · Gives power to bones · Disappears barren · Treats indigestions · Treats head cold and flu · Prevents loss of hair · Treats hepatit b,c · Disappears weakness · Treats coughing · Prevents prostate gland · Treats psoriasis While there are no medical studies to confirm these claims, Anzer honey has caught the medical research’ attention and we can now prove that at least some of these claims do confirm. • Treats and prevents liver damage. The 2009 study Anzer honey prevents N-ethylmaleimide-induced liver damage in rats., by Korkmaz A et al. from the Department of Biology, Faculty of Science, Hacettepe University, Beytepe Campus, Ankara, Turkey, proved exactly what the title of the study states. In the study Anzer honey treatment reversed all the changes in glutathione level, as well as histopathological alterations, normally induced by N-ethylmaleimide-induced liver injury in rats. • Protects the stomach against increased vascular permeability due to alcohol ingestion. Another study, Protective effect of Anzer honey against ethanol-induced increased vascular permeability in the rat stomach, used Anzer honey and gave it to rats before administration of ethanol. “The incidence and severity of gastric mucosal congestion were significantly reduced in the honey+ethanol group when compared to the ethanol group. These results indicate that Anzer honey is able to protect the stomach of the rat against ethanol-induced increased vascular permeability, which may be correlated with the ascorbic acid content.”


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