Encha Matcha Starter Kit with Traditional Whisk

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Ready to start whisking your Encha organic matcha tea or latte using the traditional hand-crafted bamboo whisk? All you need is to find a bowl or large mug similar to the shape and size of Encha matcha bowl or pitcher. All the items are packed in a beautiful Encha green box!

Encha Matcha Starter Kit includes: 1. One 30g (1.06oz) packet of Encha Ceremonial-Grade Pure Organic Matcha + Two single packets of mini-Encha Latte-Grade Pure Organic Matcha You can whisk up both grades as pure matcha tea with water or as matcha latte with almond, coconut or other milk. Within 2 cups, you will know which grade and which style suit your taste. Always feel free to chat with or call Encha team for personalized recommendation and guidance 2. One set of matcha bamboo whisk trio The trio of matcha bamboo whisk, scoop and whisk holder will give you the traditional toolset to start your matcha whisking. The whisk holder is essential for drying and keeping the whisk in shape. 3. One FREE Encha intro pamphlet which includes the guide for monitoring the benefits of drinking Encha and instruction for how to whisk (not shown in the pic) Enjoy your cup of Encha!


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