Strottarga Caviar White

品 牌: GRULL

型 号: Italy warehouse - 意大利仓库

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销售价: 150,000.00€
The most expensive caviar in the world

Strottarga is a caviar powder, but this time from dehydrated (black) sturgeon caviar (strottarga nera) or white sturgeon caviar (strottarga bianca). As an exclusive variant of the strottarga bianca, it is finely pulverized and mixed with leaf gold. Trottarga as a refinement of fish dishes 100 000 euros "Gold-Strottarga" From a kilo of white caviar we gain 20 decagram dehydrated strottarga bianca. Depending on customer requirements, we then refine the powder with leaf gold Strottarga bianca is only made on customer order and is not in stock.


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